Why Roller Blinds and Zebra Blinds Are the Best Choices for Today’s Design Trends


We supply outstanding roller blinds and zebra blinds in Vaughan that incorporate cutting edge designs and industry-leading customer service. We have all of your requirements covered here for that new condo or home. Here at Nifty Blinds, we also keep an eye on the latest trends that are fashionable regardless of what kind of space you call home. So, here’s a blog outlining how roller blinds and zebra blinds complement what’s chic today. Keeping Things Simple with Bold Colours And Zebra Blinds One of the big advantages to roller shades is their simple design. They’re streamlined and complement the shape of your window providing clean visuals. These are a low-maintenance choice that come in a variety of fabrics and they don’t take up a lot of space. These are a perfect option for one of the big trends in 2020 which is rich colours from dark blue to midnight blacks. Less is more when decorating spaces like washrooms this year and zebra blinds or dual sheer shades are the perfect addition. For 2020 it’s all about keeping things simple. Let Ceramics and Roller Blinds Work Together One of the other big design trends that’s emerging this year is terra-cotta and