Roller blinds and solar shades are effective window treatments that regulate light, visibility and privacy. Nifty Blinds are custom blinds handcrafted in Vaughan (Greater Toronto Area) come in variety of fabrics, prints and patterns that can shade your room. Our collection of roller blinds and solar shades includes various materials from vinyls, polyesters to suedes with a wide range of openness factors that determine visibility. The roller ….

Picture of zebra blinds Richmond Hill


zebra blinds are custom blinds with light filtering and room darkening options that combine fashion with function. The 3 inches semi-opaque fabrics and 2 inches woven fabric vanes appear alternatively to adjust the light intensity level for gentle illumination. For the room darkening shade option 3 inches blackout fabric vanes and 2 inches woven fabric vanes appear. Zebra Blinds may be hooked up with motors to ….

Picture of Vienna Shades (silhouette shades)


Silhouette offer similar style and function as zebra blinds with a unique design feature. Horizontal fabric vanes alternate with soft sheer fabric to offer a light filtering see through option. As you close silhouette blinds you experience room darkening until fully closed with complete privacy. When the vanes are raised completely, Silhouette blinds alternate into the colour-matched contoured head rail. Silhouette blinds are handcrafted…