Some Tips on Choosing Vaughan Custom Blinds for Your Condo


Windows on your condominium are more than just part of the structure and that’s why you need to choose Vaughan custom blinds carefully. The right window treatment is an aesthetic addition that adds to your peace of mind. Windows are important, but how you dress them up is just as critical. Here’s an excellent cheat sheet that will help you decide on the right Vaughan zebra blinds or Vaughan roller blinds. Sorting Through Window Types The first thing you need to do is take a quick inventory of the windows you’re looking to cover. Some could be smaller over a sink in a kitchen while others might be floor-to-ceiling. Style, size and shape as well as the way any window opens are all deciding factors on the blinds you choose . Common Shapes There are some common shapes. These include bay, rectangular, circular and arched windows. Keep in mind that a bay window is usually made up of three smaller rectangular ones and can be challenging. You also need to consider how any window opens since that can influence the type of blind you use to cover it. For example: Casement windows are attached to a frame. They have hinges