Windows on your condominium are more than just part of the structure and that’s why you need to choose Vaughan custom blinds carefully. The right window treatment is an aesthetic addition that adds to your peace of mind.

Windows are important, but how you dress them up is just as critical. Here’s an excellent cheat sheet that will help you decide on the right Vaughan zebra blinds or Vaughan roller blinds.

Sorting Through Window Types

The first thing you need to do is take a quick inventory of the windows you’re looking to cover. Some could be smaller over a sink in a kitchen while others might be floor-to-ceiling. Style, size and shape as well as the way any window opens are all deciding factors on the blinds you choose .

Common Shapes

There are some common shapes. These include bay, rectangular, circular and arched windows. Keep in mind that a bay window is usually made up of three smaller rectangular ones and can be challenging. You also need to consider how any window opens since that can influence the type of blind you use to cover it. For example:

  • Casement windows are attached to a frame. They have hinges on one side and open just like a door.
  • Sliding windows move from one side to the other. These are used quite often for porch doors.
  • Awning windows open from the bottom and have hinges at the top.

 Pro Tip: Regardless of the kind of blind you finally decide on, your choice should be motorized. The windows in most condominiums are large. That’s why they need a big version of Vaughan roller blinds. Operating big window treatments on a daily basis can be overwhelming and cumbersome. Your life will be much easier when you can open and close the blinds in your condominium by pushing a button.

What’s The Purpose of The Window Treatment?

Getting the right window treatment for your condominium also means deciding on the purpose. Ask yourself why you’re buying a blind in the first place. Are you looking for something that’s functional or aesthetic? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you need something that will block UV rays? Windows that face south in any condominium are generally flooded with a lot of light. That might sound pleasant at first, but it’s hard to work with the glare off a monitor in a home office.
  • Maybe you’re looking to spruce up a bedroom or living room space? A new set of blinds can reinvent an old worn-out area. Extending them up so they are closer to the ceiling extends the height of any room.
  • Privacy is another area you’ll need to look at when you’re deciding on the right Vaughan zebra blinds for a condo. The products you choose might be designed to prevent people from looking in or regulate the amount of light that gets through your windows. Either way, blinds are an excellent way to control your environment.

Pro Tip:  The fabrics you choose are just as important as the style you select. For example, you should be looking for flame retardant materials if you’re looking to put a blind in a kitchen window.

Excellent Choice

Moisture resistant fabrics are an excellent choice for any area like a washroom where there might be high moisture levels. They can be cleaned up quickly with a damp cloth.

How Do You Clean The Window Treatments?

Light vacuuming and regular dusting help to keep the blinds that you choose for your condominium in good shape. Here’s a few tips for cleaning your window treatments regardless of the type that you finally select.

  • Fabric shades need to be dusted and lightly vacuumed. Spot treating a stain means gently blotting the area. Unless the fabric is machine washable, you should avoid using too much water. You can use a hairdryer set to the lowest setting to clean any debris.
  • Blinds can be carefully dusted or vacuumed every day. For stubborn stains, it’s possible to take a damp cloth and gently wipe the slats. Remove vinyl blinds from the window for a deeper clean. Wash with a combination of lukewarm water and mild detergent that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or bleach.

Here’s a few final thoughts.

Blinds and shades are quite often mistaken for each other. Here’s one way to tell them apart. Blinds are often crafted from tougher materials and shades are put together from fabrics.

Single Cut

Shades are generally fashioned out of a single cut of some kind of material. Blinds, on the other hand, usually feature individual slats. Vaughan custom blinds are a popular choice because they focus on light control. You can rotate the vanes to alter the amount of light you let into any space.