Vaughan Roller Blinds Versus Traditional Options. Here’s The Facts


Customers ask us why Vaughan roller blinds are just as popular if not more so than more traditional vertical blinds. They want to know the difference between the two and which one we suggest is the better option. The answer is simple. Roller blinds are an ideal choice if you’re looking for window coverings that are multifunctional, fit almost any decor in style, and have many different options to choose from. Here are some other reasons why we favor Vaughan Zebra blinds for different rooms in your home or business. They Can Filter or Block Light Adding these blinds to your windows controls the flow of light and provides just the right amount of dark when you require it. These come in a variety of choices from semi-sheer to sheer and total blackout. There is a wide range of different opacities to choose from. This is one of the first reasons that we favor them over traditional options. These Vaughan custom blinds work well in bedrooms where you need complete darkness and/ or privacy. The opaque model is the best for these rooms. Some customers have less of an emphasis on privacy and they want more natural light. For them