Customers ask us why Vaughan roller blinds are just as popular if not more so than more traditional vertical blinds. They want to know the difference between the two and which one we suggest is the better option.

The answer is simple. Roller blinds are an ideal choice if you’re looking for window coverings that are multifunctional, fit almost any decor in style, and have many different options to choose from.

Here are some other reasons why we favor Vaughan Zebra blinds for different rooms in your home or business.

They Can Filter or Block Light

Adding these blinds to your windows controls the flow of light and provides just the right amount of dark when you require it. These come in a variety of choices from semi-sheer to sheer and total blackout. There is a wide range of different opacities to choose from.

This is one of the first reasons that we favor them over traditional options. These Vaughan custom blinds work well in bedrooms where you need complete darkness and/ or privacy. The opaque model is the best for these rooms. Some customers have less of an emphasis on privacy and they want more natural light. For them a sheer version is better.

Natural Insulation

Another advantage is the fact this type of window covering is a natural way to insulate different windows in your house. They are versatile and resilient and they prevent sunlight from overheating your home in the summer months. These blinds also add an extra layer of protection from the winter cold.

Cordless Option

There’s also a cordless option. This allows the blinds to be lowered and raised by pushing or pulling on the lower bar. Cordless blinds are tidy and neat looking as well as functional. They are also practical and safe for your children to be around.

Other Vaughan Roller Blinds Options

Another popular option is the continuous cord loop. Customers enjoy it because the cord never changes size no matter how much you lower or raise the blind. That means you will never have to wrestle with excess length.

These innovations and some other ones we are about to cover make roller blinds the clear choice over the more traditional variety. Here are a few other advantages you should consider.

  • The market has several different motorization options including wired and battery-powered packages. A remote control is all that’s needed to control raising or lowering your blinds.
  • These blinds combine style and modern design that make them the preferred choice. They can be used in a variety of different spaces because they can be made from soft sheer fabrics with a clean and clear texture. They fit in well with both classic and modern décor.

They are also energy efficient when they are motorized. They can increase your home’s efficiency by controlling the amount of sunlight that gets into any one room. If you keep them open you can switch off lamps and lights to use less heat in the winter time. What’s more, these products can be programmed to close and open at certain times of the day. They are good at offering lighting efficiency and helping you to lower monthly utility bills.

One of the other big advantages to these types of blinds is the fact they look great in a variety of different rooms.

Vaughan Zebra Blinds in Different Spaces

The Kitchen

This is the room that gets used more than any other in your home. Choosing a  Zebra blind for your kitchen means thinking about the position of any windows. Heat from your stove can damage the fabric of something like a Roman shade. It’s better to choose a flame retardant material and Zebra blinds instead.

Think about the location of your kitchen too. Does it get a lot of direct sunlight? If so, it’s important to get a product that lets some of that light in while keeping excess heat out.

Kitchen Window

Zebra blinds are also an excellent choice if you have neighbours who are close to your kitchen window. You can even customize them by adding a privacy liner.

The Office

Vaughan custom blinds are an excellent selection for people working out of a home office. For this space, it’s good to choose a blind that lets you filter the light so you can enjoy natural sunlight. The product should also be able to reduce glare on your monitor as you work on your laptop.

It doesn’t really matter how you define a traditional style when you’re looking for window treatments. Custom zebra blinds are a perfect choice because of their versatility. Bringing out the best in your decor means checking out your different options and then selecting blinds that meet your needs and budget.