If you’ve spent a small fortune on the stylish windows in your house, custom blinds in Toronto are a perfect addition. Maybe you’re in the market for some new window coverings? Or, perhaps you are looking to replace the curtains that have been there for a long time? Either way, custom window blinds in Toronto are the way to go. They have many benefits and are perfect for efficiency and reflecting your style. Here’s a list of all the top reasons to choose them.

They Can Fit Perfectly

Ready-made blinds rarely fit well. Usually, they are either just a little too big or a little too small. Quite often they have annoying gaps up the sides. That can ruin the whole reason that you decided on blinds in the first place. Custom-made blinds eliminate these gaps. They look great and keep your home warm while reducing your energy bills. These are the right choice because of a snug fit. They work well even on windows that are oddly shaped.
When you choose a customized blind option, you can also rest assured the hardware is perfect. Cut-down blinds have less-than-perfect dimensions, cords that can be off-center, and slats that need to be adjusted for the height.
First off, zebra blinds in Toronto give you excellent control over privacy and the amount of light you let in. Remember, curtains only have two options — open or closed. Custom window blinds in Toronto, on the other hand, give you a few different options. Blinds are a unique window treatment because they have horizontal slots that can be raised, lowered, and even tilted.

Here are a few different options

If you’re looking for privacy, it’s best to tilt the blinds up. When they are tilted in the opposite direction they look good but provide less privacy because there are gaps between the slats.
In the summer, you can tilt zebra blinds in Toronto in a certain way. During the hotter months tilting them upwards reduces your cooling bill. In the winter, the whole process works in reverse. With the slats tilted down, the round side of them faces into the room. That means warm air will flow downwards to where it is needed most. We put together some great reasons for choosing custom blinds in Toronto, but we’re not done yet.

Cleaning Them Is Easier

This is one of the best reasons to get customized products. Curtains can gather up pet hair and even mold because they can become dusty and damp. They can pollute the air inside your home. Blinds are easier to clean and much more hygienic. You don’t even need any special supplies. Wiping them with a microfiber cloth in a downward motion so you don’t unhook them is the best starting point. If they’re heavily soiled you can use a damp cloth.
There is one more big advantage to choosing custom blinds in Toronto.

Motorized Blinds in Toronto

Benefits Choosing motorized blinds in Toronto has several benefits. At the top of the list is the fact that they are safe for your pets and children. Doing away with blinds that have cords and loops gets rid of a suffocation hazard. Motorized blinds are also energy efficient. You can open them at specific times during the day to lower your monthly utility bills. Nifty Blinds supplies expert guidance when you’re looking for the right custom blinds in Toronto. You can start the process off by calling us or providing the measurements on our contact form.