Motorized shades are a modern convenience that allows users to control the amount of light they get into the room with the touch of a button.

These are an excellent option for larger and harder-to-reach windows and a variety of custom blinds in Toronto.

Open at Any Time
You can schedule motorized shades to open at any time of the day. They can be set to maximize the amount of sunlight you get during colder weather. They can also be time to close in warmer seasons when the sun strikes the windowpanes outside.

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to help you get the most from your motorized shades.

What Are Motorized Shades And How Do They Work?

One of the leaders in this industry has an excellent explanation. Somfy reports that
motorized blinds have a tube that gets installed at the top to lift the shades up through battery power. The battery itself is placed on top of the tube and gets connected to a motor.

Traditional AA Batteries and Other Options ​

Traditional AA batteries can work. However, those need to be replaced fairly often and
lithium options have a longer life. If you’d rather avoid replacing batteries altogether, this company offers a rechargeable option for roller shades and motorized blinds. All you need to do is plug in your shade to recharge your battery.

What Are The Advantages?
There are a number of advantages to these motorized blinds in Toronto.
-First off, it’s important to keep in mind that energy efficiency is important whether you’re building a new house or refitting an older one. Motorized blinds will allow you to open and close them at preprogrammed times. That’ll reduce energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system during hot and cold weather.

-Any type of custom blinds in Toronto that have cords can present a danger to children and pets.
Motorized blinds give pet owners and parents peace of mind knowing they don’t have to worry about the danger of suffocation.

-Motorized blinds can extend the lifespan of your shades because they cut down on the amount of time you touch them. With no fingers touching the material, there’s little chance of stains on the fabric. With a smartphone app, you can control these window treatments from anywhere. You can close your shades from anywhere in the world if you forget after you leave

One of the other big reasons to choose motorized shades is their flexibility.

What Types of Blinds Do They Work With?

Roller blinds in Toronto are just one of the varieties that you can motorize. Adding this dimension to existing shades is as easy as adding a motor in some cases. The same is possible for zebra blinds in Toronto that add convenience and functionality in any room. Maybe you have an older version of motorized blinds you would like to upgrade? Some people are using AA batteries that need to be changed out every 6 to 12 months.

Here are some other options that work with most types of custom window blinds in Toronto.
-Solar panels are one of the choices. These continually recharge batteries and eliminate the need to switch them out or recharge them with a corresponding cable.

-Rechargeable battery packs are another upgrade from AA batteries. They hold a charge that can move the shade up and down more than 400 times. Keep in mind there are only a few
exceptions for blinds that should be motorized. For example, some older window treatments may not be suitable. In some situations, the design might make a retrofit impossible.

Motorized Blinds in a Specific Room? ​
Maybe you’re trying to fit roller blinds in Toronto into a specific room and motorize them. If that’s the case it’s good to know the automated options can work with today’s technologies.

How Do They Integrate With Smart Home Technologies?

One of the industry leaders in this type of technology, Somfy, explains how this works. Using handheld smart devices or third-party smart home services like Google Home or Amazon Alexa is a way to connect your motorized blinds to the Internet.

Technology to Control Shades and Blinds

This type of technology allows clients to control their shades and indoor blinds using a smartphone, tablet, or remote control.

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