Once you start shopping for window treatments, you’ll realize there’s a lot to choose from including custom blinds in Toronto and curtains or drapes. Generally, that can be broken down into blinds, shades, drapes, and curtains and the terms can be used interchangeably. Each of these can be used in different rooms for different effects. However, each one of these classifications has different features. Making the right selection that suits your needs and budget means going through this checklist and doing a comparison. The Costs Are Different Roller Blinds in Toronto are generally less expensive
than drapes or curtains. The reasons are simple. Shades and blinds use less material. Plus, it generally takes less time to manufacture them and not as much effort to install them.
Custom window blinds in Toronto are a popular choice because they are available in different options and styles. Plus they are flexible. This type of window covering comes in a variety of different materials that range from aluminum and vinyl to wood and composite options.
Enhance Any Room
However, these types of window treatments do more than just enhance the appearance of any room. They can also block UV rays in the summer and they allow you to adjust the kind of natural light you get in at different times of the day and evening. Curtains and drapes usually cost more. They take more time to manufacture and use more material. Plus, curtains usually take more time to install. A professional installer usually takes more than an hour to put in some level brackets above your windows and continue on with the rest of the process. If you’re looking at reducing costs, it’s a good idea to choose cotton curtains over silk or linen.
Zebra Blinds in Toronto Offer Better Light Control
Blinds have slats that can be offered in two different ways to control the amount of light you get in a room. This window treatment usually has vertical or horizontal slats that can be opened in increments for light control. The design of Zebra blinds in Toronto means that there will always be some light entering the room. On the other hand, curtains or drapes generally block most of the light when they are pulled shut.
Blinds also offer a wider variety of accessories. For example, Somfy motorized blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice for people looking to maximize their light exposure automatically. This motorized option also helps to combat issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder. In fact, a blog on Somfy’s website details how this particular option is an excellent way to better your physical and mental health during the winter months. Functionality and price are just two ways to decide between products like curtains and custom blinds in Toronto. There are some other suggestions that you need to take into account to make the right decision.
Blinds Clean Up Easier
One of the other big advantages of roller blinds in Toronto is they are easier to maintain than drapes or curtains. Specifically, these types of blinds and others are easier to clean. There shouldn’t be any need to remove the blinds before you clean them and that’s a big advantage.
In fact, you can use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt that builds up on a daily basis. Don’t forget that you can use an upholstery wand and vacuum your blinds from top to bottom. Excess dust can be removed by a feather duster or soft paintbrush. More difficult stains can be handled with dish soap and warm water.
More Effort
Drapes and curtains require a little more effort. For example, you should pretreat any stains on cotton drapes or curtains. These types of window treatments need to be washed on a gentle cycle only. It’s best to choose a delicate cycle with cold water. Mild laundry detergent is best. Custom window blinds in Toronto have another advantage in that you don’t need to dry them on low heat as you do a drape. It’s also a good idea to remove them from the dryer before the cycle is completely done so wrinkles don’t set in.
Hand Wash
If you have silk drapes or curtains it’s best to remove them from the window and hand wash them. Nifty Blinds supply an excellent variety of custom
window blinds in Toronto. Professional installations, quick turnaround time, and expert advice are just a few of the services that we can offer. The process that we use is simple, straightforward, and efficient. Give us a call or provide your own measurements on the handy contact form we have on our website. Give us the information and get a quote emailed to you within 24 hours. Then, all you need to do is schedule an in-home consultation for fabric choices and measurements.