If you are looking for an elegant upgrade to any of the windows in your home, custom blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice. Custom products don’t need to be replaced as often as store-bought blinds. Here’s another reason to choose them. Big box stores that sell these products don’t offer flexibility in style and measurements. Off the shelf window blinds very rarely offer an excellent fit. They might be too big or small and leave large gaps on the side.
Custom blinds are made of better quality materials and offer better control when it comes to privacy and light. The first step in getting these custom products is measuring up your windows before you order. Here’s what you need to know about that and some other tips to get the right blinds for every room in your house.
The Simple Steps For Measuring Your Windows To Fit Roller Blinds in Toronto.
The first step is deciding whether you want to mount the blinds on the inside or outside of the window frame. The casing depth of the window will tell you which one of these mounting styles is best.​
If it’s less than 2 inches, an outside mount is the way to go. It’s also a good idea to check for squareness. Measure the window casing in two different places diagonally. If those two dimensions are not equal, you’ll need to opt for an outside mount for the best aesthetics and function.
Control The Light
Whether you decide to mount the blind inside or outside of the window frame, roller blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice for living rooms. Blinds are an excellent way to control the light that gets into this room and they are quite easy to clean. Custom blinds are stylistic option that can add some
color, texture to a living room without using drapes or curtains. If you’ve decided to use an inside mount, there’s a certain procedure to follow.
Step #2 Inside Mounts
The first step is to measure the depth of the window frame to make sure there’s enough space available for an inside mount. Make sure you have the numbers right by taking six measurements—three for the height and three for the width. For the height, you should measure on the right side and
then in the middle and then on the left side. You’ll need to measure three times to get the accurate numbers for the width too– across the bottom, middle and top of the frame.
Need for Privacy
Zebra Blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice for a place where you need privacy like in the bathroom. These are a versatile product that will allow light and intimacy at the same time. They are also an excellent choice for humid spaces because the material isn’t damaged easily. Remember, measuring your windows to fit the right custom blinds in Toronto means considering outside mounts as well.
Step #3 Outside Mounts
Measuring for this type of outside mount is little easier than the inside version. Figure out the head rail location which is usually a few inches above the window. Next you can measure the width and height of the window frame both to the outer edges. If the window in your house has trim, you can measure to the outside of that. If not, add a few inches to the width measurement to make an allowance for the blinds to extend past the window. That’s a good method to block light.
An Excellent Choice
Regardless of the method you use, custom window blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice for any room in your house. There are several advantages to choosing these including personalized options that suit your style and colour patterns. The manufacturers who produce these blinds work off detailed measurements so the fit is customized and can adorn any different style opening.
Other Features
After you finished with the measurements, don’t forget to look at some of the other innovative features that are available. Motorized blinds in Toronto do away with cords that can be a safety hazard. Not only are these motorized products safe, there also convenient. When you choose this option you’re making it easier and simpler to operate hard-to-reach window blinds and other treatments. Some of the industry leading companies like Somfy can
add this feature to any order.
Nifty Blinds offers a variety of custom window blinds in Toronto choices. We are proud of the full technical support, outstanding design and leading-edge technology that we offer on each and every order. We look after every project that we take on as our unique solution for an individual client. Our priority is always to provide the most detail orientated custom blinds available anywhere on the market.