People who are remodeling their homes have a lot to think about but they shouldn’t bypass the opportunity custom blinds in Toronto present. Renovation projects can be classified in several different ways. Some light painting and staining are easy and quick to complete. Other jobs like putting in new flooring and countertops can take a little more time. If you’re looking at larger renovation projects like siding and roofing, considering replacement windows is a good idea. Here are some of the things that you need to know to add custom window blinds in Toronto to that mix.
Repair or Replace?
One of the first decisions you need to make is about the windows you currently have in place. One of the first places to start when you’re making that decision is the window frame. With frames that are in fairly good shape and air leakage the only issue, a repair is possible. If air isn’t escaping through the glass itself, you might only need to check out the old seals. A tube of caulking could fix those windows up for a few more years.
A Simple Fix
If that’s the case and a simple fix is all that’s required, your renovation can move on to choosing roller blinds in Toronto for older windows.
These are good choices for several reasons. They regulate visibility as well as life and provide privacy. Look for a variety of different fabrics if you choose to outfit older windows with roller blinds in Toronto. The best materials for these products range from suedes to polyesters and vinyl.
Some of the other advantages to using this type of blinds include the fact they are timeless. Roller blinds have an uncluttered sleek design that can streamline the appearance of an older or newer window.
Replacement Unit
Of course, there are times when that old window can’t be fixed in you’ll need to put in a new replacement unit. Here are a few of the boxes you can check to determine if that time has come.
The number of panes can make a difference. For example, if you only have one pane of glass in existing windows it might be time to change them
out. Triple-pane or double-pane glass choices reduce energy consumption. It’s a good time to consider modern options for the window coverings like zebra blinds in Toronto. These blinds are a practical solution. Curtains and drapes could make a room feel cluttered. That’s especially true when there are many windows in the space and it’s a small room. Zebra blinds can be lowered and rolled up. They are the streamlined solution that can sit close to the window frame and look neat.
Look for the signs of rot. Swollen wood that’s not flush with the wall as well as peeling paint and a bubble surface all tell you that you might need to
change out your existing window. Once you’ve determined it’s time to swap out your old windows for newer models, you can sort through some of the
options custom window in blinds in Toronto afford you.
Kitchen Windows and Custom Blinds
If you’re renovating a high-traffic room like the kitchen, consider how new windows can be incorporated into the design. Placing a window over the kitchen sink is a popular notion. You can make dinner or wash dishes while keeping an eye on the things going on outside. Zebra blinds in Toronto are an excellent option if you decide to go this route. These products use a layered technology so you can block the outside light when you want to.
Window Colours and Finishes
Regardless of the rooms that you finally decide to renovate, getting new windows means looking after all of the details. That includes the colors and finishes. Even something as simple as black aluminum cladding on existing wood windows can make a difference. It’s important to consider the fact that one of the safest default choice colors is still white. Black windows are trending at the same time. However, it’s a good idea to add some black to your interior design if you’re going this way.
The Latest Features
When it comes time for window treatments, consider all of the latest features like motorized blinds in Toronto. There are several excellent reasons to choose this option. They include:
The fact that motorized blinds in Toronto are the safe choice. These are cordless so they represent the safest option if you have pets or children.
Motorized blinds are an excellent way of extending the life of the product. The less you need to touch the blind, the longer it will last. Nifty Blinds offers a comprehensive custom blinds in Toronto process. Call us so you can receive a quote and we will schedule an in-home consultation to get things underway.