When you choose custom blinds in Toronto, you’re getting an appealing addition to any room’s interior decor. These window treatments come in a variety of colours and styles that can be custom-made to suit your specifications. Custom window blinds in Toronto have another advantage. They can help with any building’s energy efficiency. Here’s how.
They Insulate Any Room
Any product that you choose including roller blinds in Toronto should be measured and fitted by professionals. When they are, they provide insulation by trapping air between the window and the fabric of the blind itself. Blinds are an excellent way to minimize heat loss through your windows.
In the winter, the warmth of any room could be lost through cold window panes. The fabric they are
made from can affect the insulation value. A tighter knit and thicker material provides more reliable
Important Fit
The fit is also very important. Gaps around the sides, bottom or top of zebra blinds in Toronto or any other type can allow cold air to get into your room. You can minimize the potential for any issues ordering custom products.
In The Summer
The right window blinds can go a long way to keeping your home cool in the summer. Keep the heat out during the warmer months by keeping them closed. Start with the rooms they get the morning sun and then follow the path from East to West closing the blinds as the day progresses.
Here’s a few other benefits of choosing roller blinds in Toronto.
-They are affordable. Curtains and drapes use a lot of fabric that adds to the overall cost. Blinds don’t need as much material so the price is more reasonable.
-Custom blinds come in many different styles. You can find one of these products that will suit either contemporary or modern decor. There are many different patterns colors and fabrics to choose from. All that makes these blinds suitable for almost any room.
-These are an energy efficient choice. With a bigger house, you will spend a lot of money on cooling and heating. They can fit right inside a window casing to act as excellent insulators.
Zebra blinds in Toronto and other types actually work to lower your heating costs in the winter too.
In The Winter
Do you live in a colder part of the country? If so, your heating bills are expensive and that’s why you should consider using some blinds to help keep a portion of the heat in your home.
There’s a good reason why many people need to keep heat running all through the winter. It escapes through gaps in the roof, walls, doors and of course your windows. Specifically, a large percentage of heat gets lost this way. Some research says 40% of the heat loss in any house escapes in this manner.
Reduce Energy Costs
Choosing custom blinds in Toronto can help reduce your energy costs during the cold weather. Properly fitted one’s allow the air to travel between the window and the blind fabric. It’s an effective way of sealing off some of your heat loss. Keep in mind that during the winter you should be able to pull your blinds up during the daylight hours so the sunlight can warm your house. If you’re looking for an extremely efficient way to lower your energy bills during the hot and cold weather, consider an added feature.
Why You Should Consider Motorized Blinds in Toronto
Somfy motorized blinds in Toronto are the latest technology. There are plenty of good reasons to upgrade to a motorized system. Safety is one of the big features. More traditional blinds have a cord attached that can present a hazard to your children and pets. The motorized option does away with that potential hazard.
-Motorized shades last longer. The more you handle customized window blinds in Toronto, the more susceptible they are to damage. Motorized versions are operated without the need to yank on cords or touch the slats. Without fingers touching material, there’s less risk of stains on the fabric.
-With the right smartphone application, you can operate your Somfy motorized blinds in Toronto from anywhere. With the proper technology there’s no need to fret if you’re out of town and you forgot to shut your shades.
Nifty Blinds carries a great selection of custom window blinds in Toronto. We offer professional installations, quick turnaround times and expert advice to go with our products for our clients in the greater Toronto area. The custom products we sell are manufactured in Vaughan and ready in just two or three weeks. Our process is simple. Just call us and then receive a quote and schedule an in-home consultation for fabric choices and measurements.