People looking for Roller blinds or Zebra blinds in Richmond Hill have a few design questions they need to settle with these versatile products. Nifty Blinds is proud of the options we offer that are both affordable and sophisticated. The custom blinds we supply to our valued clientele are handcrafted and come in a variety of patterns, prints and fabrics.

Here’s a few tips on how to get the most from these products in different rooms.

Richmond Hill Roller Blinds for Your Bathroom

Window treatments that go in your bathroom need to take on the extra humidity, condensation and steam. One of the materials we tell our clients to steer clear from is wood. Using real wood should be avoided in the bathroom and other humid or damp environments since it can twist, stain or warp.

There are a few other fabrics that aren’t suitable for your bathroom. These include silk, linen and cotton because moisture can get trapped in the fibres. We have a collection of roller blinds in Richmond Hill and solar shades that come in a variety of different fabrics including vinyl. This is an easy to maintain material to use in a washroom. Plus, it wont trap any moisture.

Added Advantage

An added advantage is the fact these are customized and can be made to blend in with your existing design for that room.

Here’s another bonus to choosing roller blinds for your washroom. They can be pulled up clear from stains and splashes and provide shade as well as privacy at the same time. Here’s another tip that should help sway you towards these products.

Good Reason

There’s a very good reason why you don’t see too many curtains in bathrooms. Blinds are much more practical since they can be cleaned with a quick wipe without needing to remove them.

Zebra Blinds in Richmond Hill Work In Your Bedroom. Here’s How

Zebra Blinds in Richmond Hill are custom products that have both room darkening and light filtering options. We are proud of the way they combine fashion and function with semi-opaque and woven fabric. Here’s why these blinds are considered an excellent choice for your bedroom.

The 3 inch blackout fabric vanes that are one option with this custom product are perfect for people looking to get the most out of their television or computer viewing experience. These products can reduce the glare coming off the screen or monitor while you’re watching your favorite show.

Blackout or Filter Light

Not only do you have the choice of having the shades open or closed, there’s also the ability to either blackout or filter light. Here’s another thought. Choosing inside mounted or outside mounted zebra blinds can make a difference. For no light gaps, the outside mounted variety works better.

Choosing the right product for your bedroom means asking yourself a few questions about how you sleep best. Some clients prefer total darkness while others favour a little filtered light. These shades are also an excellent way to keep your bedroom warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They act as an insulator in both seasons.

Richmond Hill Zebra or Roller Blinds for The Kitchen. The Choice is Yours.

One of the more popular locations for either Richmond Hill zebra or roller blinds is the kitchen. It’s the one room in the house that everyone spends a lot of time in. If you work through the following checklist when deciding on kitchen blinds, you’ll see why our customized products are so popular.

  • The positioning of your kitchen window can make a big difference. If it’s close to the oven, you’re better off choosing a flame retardant vinyl product. Keep in mind the Richmond Hill zebra blinds we offer come with smart technologies like motorized options too.
  • Richmond Hill Roller Blinds are a great choice if you’ve got neighbors that are close to your kitchen window and you are looking for a little privacy. These products also regulate light and visibility.
  • Another consideration is how much cooking you’ll do. If you’re a regular chef always trying out the latest recipe, either Zebra or Roller Blinds in Richmond Hill are an excellent choice. These work out much better than other materials like wood that can actually retain moisture.

Here’s a few final thoughts on picking the right blind for your window. It’s important to make sure that the colours work with the trim around the window and the walls in your home. You can match them up or contrast different shades.

Take your time so you’ll feel confident with your choices. Remember, well-chosen window blinds complement the design of any room in your home as well as adding to the style. Although privacy is one of the main reasons for choosing roller blinds in Richmond Hill, we offer a variety of different styles you can pick from that serve different functions.