You might be selling or just renovating to enjoy the space more. Either way roller blinds and dual sheer shades (zebra blinds) are excellent custom blind choices for these high traffic areas.

Nifty Blinds is proud to supply a wide assortment of both of these custom options. We take the time to follow industry trends. That’s why we’re on top of the latest styles for your kitchen, bathroom and living room.

People ask us why we recommend these dual sheer shades and roller blinds. We tell them these are stylish choices that don’t require a lot of maintenance and are easy to clean. Remember, Nifty Blinds is always available with design and installation services too. We have options catering to your vision and lifestyle.

Why not take a few minutes to look through the wide variety of textures, colours and fabrics available? By offering a good selection of customized solutions, we can make your vision for the kitchen or bathroom a reality.

Taking the time to understand your requirements is what separates us from the competition. We suggest roller blinds for a simple clean look and the zebra variety for living rooms looking for an elegant appeal.

Light Filtering Fabrics Accentuate the Space

A big part of getting the most from your kitchen, bathroom or living room is choosing light filtering fabrics that accentuate the space. Why not take a minute to check out our gallery? When you do, we feel confident that you’ll want to add your name to our ever-expanding list of satisfied clients.

Innovation and dedication to quality are two of the cornerstones of our custom blinds company. Along with design and installation, we supply industry-leading technical support for everything we sell.

Fabrics Make A Difference

There is a very good reason that we offer a variety of different fabrics here at Nifty Blinds. Clients with beautiful views and captivating landscapes get the most from our products with see-through fabrics. Of course, we offer other material for more privacy minded customers.

If you’re selling or just looking to stay in fashion, we suggest bright colours generally and off white tones specifically. Customized roller blinds and dual sheer shades( zebra blinds) made from the finest materials and fabrics are just a few of our specialties.

Whether you’re looking to stage a room or increase your enjoyment of it, we can help by matching our customized products with floor, furniture and cabinetry colours.