Modern homes break all the traditions of the past and move into the future. These spaces are known for features like clean lines, lots of light and open floor plans. That makes the modern house a perfect candidate for Vaughan zebra blinds and other choices.

These are just one type that can provide a clean and streamlined atmosphere for your modern windows.

Here’s a few more reasons why several types of new blinds are a great choice.

  • The modern style home complements Vaughan roller blinds. These are constructed from the highest quality materials that prevent cracking and fading. They make an excellent addition to any room in a new house especially the bathrooms and kitchens. The great features are the cordless design and UV protection. All of these blinds should be made of the latest light filtering fabrics that personalize any space.
  • A modern style home also looks outstanding with Vaughan custom blinds in each room. These are perfect for covering oversized windows and sliding glass doors. They come in in a variety of different shapes, textures and materials as well as opacities and colours.

Choosing Blinds For Larger Windows in a Contemporary House

Some modern homes, especially those that have been custom built, have really tall windows. Others have side-by-side bay or bow products . Another option is the wider picture windows providing unobstructed views of the outdoors.


Regardless of the type you have, these can keep any room illuminated with soft or bright natural light. They can also be a focal point to your home’s design or showcase a beautiful panorama.

There will be times, however, when you want to reduce that natural light and increase your privacy. Larger windows can be difficult to cover unless you look for a custom set of blinds. It’s important here not to compromise on style just to purchase a product that fits the windows.


That’s why Vaughan zebra blinds can be the perfect choice.  These products are also called dual sheer shades and they have room darkening capabilities. Look for motorized options and smart technology to make these products reliable and convenient.


People who plan on buying these window treatments from the manufacturer can measure the windows before. You’ll only need a notepad, pencil and a measuring tape.

  • Decide whether you are interested in inside or outside mounts and measure accordingly. Take the measurements of the length and width twice to make sure they are accurate.
  • Here’s a quick tip when you are choosing the colour. For a bigger room with many windows, a darker colour works better because it adds depth and makes the whole space feel cozier. Lighter colors make the room look bigger.

You might even prefer to have the Vaughan custom blinds match your furniture, moulding or floors. However, homeowners should not be afraid to choose any finish that accents rather than matches for a little extra pizzazz.

Why Vaughan Roller Blinds for Today’s Kitchens Work

Today’s modern kitchen is the place where most of your family will spend a large portion of their time. Choosing the right blinds that complement your lifestyle and budget can be challenging. Here’s a few helpful hints so that you can get started off in the right direction.

  • The window’s position is the first consideration. Look for heat resistant blinds if the windows position is close to an oven. Roman shades might not be the best choice in this situation. A flame retardant roller blind is a better option.
  • Where the kitchen is situated needs to be looked at too. If the area gets a lot of direct sunlight, the proper blind will allow natural light in while keeping excess heat out.
  • You might need some extra privacy if your neighbours are close. Choosing a blind that comes with a privacy liner helps.
  • Decide how much focus you want to have on your kitchen window. Opting for custom blind that has a nice texture and finish is a good idea with a larger kitchen window. On the other hand, blinds that are understated and muted are perfect for a tighter space.

For those of you with a home office, it’s important to stay comfortable and productive. There are a number of different Vaughan custom blinds choices that fit the bill. For example, roller shades are perfect if you don’t want the hassle of trying to tie back a curtain every day before you start work.


Vaughan zebra blinds are an excellent choice if you’re looking to cut down on the glare in your workspace. These are perfect because they still allow light to filter through the windows. Home offices should be looking for a sleek and contemporary look that’s also functional.