Choosing the right kind of custom window blinds in Toronto for any space in your house or apartment can be fun. Nifty Blinds offer a variety of excellent options with the choices that you want and need. Not only do you get custom designs when you use our service, but you’ll also get technical support and leading-edge technology. One of the first decisions that you need to make is whether you want outside or inside mounted shades and

blinds. Here’s some information on each kind.

Inside Mount Roller Blinds in Toronto

Like the name suggests, inside mount blinds get installed right inside the window frame. It’s a traditional method that’s used quite often. It’s important to keep in mind that roller blinds in Toronto work especially well with this mounting technique. They are durable, stylish, and easy to operate.
Here are some benefits to using the inside mount option:
-This technique takes up less space. You can use more of your window sill for design accents or shelving.
-Inside mount blinds provide a clean look. They provide a stylish finished appearance because they sit inside the window frame. The ends of the blinds
are tucked away which provides an appealing atmosphere.

Outside Mounts for Zebra Blinds in Toronto

Some homeowners prefer to choose outside mounts for their blinds. There are several different reasons why these are an excellent choice. Consider the following.
-This technique can make the ceilings look higher in any room. You can even give the appearance the window is larger than it is. That’s because you can mount blinds on the wall above the frame.
-Outside mounted blinds cover more of the window and frame. If you’re looking for a combination of sun protection and privacy, this technique provides more light coverage. It’s another reason why this type of mounting style could be the right choice for you. Outside mounted roller blinds in Toronto are an excellent choice if you’re looking to cover in entranceway or door. They are also a good choice if the windows you are trying to cover are shallow and have a small frame.

​Save a Few Dollars

This technique can even help you save a few dollars on refinishing. Damaged window trim can be covered up with outside mounted custom blinds in Toronto.
Smart shoppers should take advantage of technology when they’re shopping for zebra blinds in Toronto. That means considering their motorized options The Advantages of Motorized Blinds in Toronto. One of the first big advantages to having motorized blinds is safety. Corded systems can present a hazard for toddlers and young children as well as your pets. The ones that feature a loop present an especially big hazard. Motorized window blinds eliminate these potential issues.
This option increases your home’s energy efficiency. These blinds offer both light control and easy installation. If you have a smart option, you can close them during the day and have them open when you come home. It’s an excellent way to lower your utility bills and save any discoloration to your furniture and valuables.

A Security Feature

Motorized blinds are also a security feature. Programming them to open and close at specific times makes it look like someone’s always home. It’s a great way to deter burglars when you’re on vacation or at work. Motorized window blinds can also increase the value of your property. Potential buyers can usually distinguish between do-it-yourself window coverings and professionally installed blinds.

Controlled With Different Methods

This motorized option can be controlled using several different methods. Some customers prefer a remote or a phone app while others would rather have a wall- mounted wireless switch.
Nifty Blinds offer a good selection of custom window blinds in Toronto to choose from. You can update your space, sleep better and create a brand-new atmosphere with one of these products. We have an excellent selection of zebra blinds in Toronto and roller blinds in Toronto for you to choose from. All you need to do to get started is call us and receive a quote within 24 hours. An in-home consultation for fabric choices and measurements is part of our process.​