You need to look at several different factors to get the right custom window blinds in Vaughan. Because many people have limited space in condos, finding products that are easy to maintain is important. You can make these choices by the need or by the room. For example, for a home office roller blinds or zebra blinds are both excellent options. They are practical and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Roller blinds are a very popular and effective choice. Look for a variety of different patterns, prints and fabrics to shade your office. The most effective roller blinds regulate privacy, visibility and the light that gets into the room.

You might be looking for the right window covering for a second story window. These often get a lot of strong direct sun so zebra blinds are a good option. These are also called dual sheer shades and they are specifically designed to filter the light that comes into any room. Look for a variety of fabrics. Zebra blinds that have woven fabric vanes are especially good since you can adjust the intensity of the light.


Some blinds fall into categories between roller blinds and zebra blinds. Vienna shades are similar but they have a design feature that makes them unique. They combine horizontal vanes with fabric to further filter the light that comes into any room.

Deciding on the kind of blinds you need means having the right information in the beginning. There are some questions you need to ask yourself. For example, light filtering blinds are the perfect choice to let in a certain amount of light. These are good for dining rooms and kitchens.

Some blinds can actually help to improve your houses’ insulation and reduce your energy bills. One of the bigger factors is maintenance. People who live in small spaces like condos and today’s homes want blinds that are easy to clean.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Wiping them down with a dry cloth is a common method. If you’re looking for a light cleaning you can use your vacuums’ brush or a gentle duster. Depending on the kind of material, you might be able to clean your blind with a damp cloth.

Experts recommend that roller blinds are the best choice for condos and houses. These offer a modern sleek design that generally fits in well with different home decors. They fit well outside or inside the window frame for a sleek modern look. Roller blinds also come in a variety of patterns and colours. People who have built custom homes often decide on zebra blinds. These offer an additional sophistication to any design.

What Fabric to Use for Roller Blinds?

Deciding on the right kind of fabric for roller blinds is the next step. Because these are light filtering, they are a good choice for your living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Roller blinds are versatile. Because they are easy to operate and low maintenance, roller blinds are one of the most popular choices. They are also very durable.

Light Filtering

Because they filter the light, they are an excellent choice for privacy. If you have neighbors facing your house or condo, these are the right option. Choosing the right material is critical. Customers can pick from polyesters and vinyls to suedes and select from a wide range of openness factors. Privacy is one of the big factors when you live in small spaces.

Don’t forget about safety factors as well. If you have pets and children in your house, look for options that don’t have hanging cords. Keep in mind that light filtering options actually accentuate any space. Zebra blinds with this fabric are excellent choices whether you’re looking to stage a room when you’re selling or just enjoy it.

See Through/Solar Shades

These are a great option if you’ve got unobstructed views on higher floors. Like the name suggests, this see through/solar shade material filters the sun but not the scenery. These can be an excellent choice for a second-floor children’s playroom or nursery.

This material is specifically designed to filter out UV rays and reduce glare. They are an excellent choice for a window on the east side or west side of any home or condo.


The blackout option is popular when people are choosing roller or zebra blinds for a bedroom. This is the fabric that can completely block out sunlight so concentration or sleep is not interrupted. One of the other great options you can consider here are motorized blinds.

These offer an extra layer of style and safety as well as convenience. If you are planning on looking at zebra or roller blinds with the blackout option, consider this smart technology. Choosing the right blind means working through several features.