If you’re not getting the right sleep, you’re not alone. Research tells us some people are too stressed to rest properly. Read on to find out if this is the case for you. However, there is no need to despair. The roller blinds and zebra blinds we can customize for you are an answer if the problem is interior design.

Getting information about sleep disorders is the first step before you make any other decisions. Here’s a few ways that you can decide if stress is the reason you can’t get the right amount of shut eye.

Your Muscles are Tense

Neck and shoulder pain can be a direct result of stress. Tension headaches are another clear symptom that can keep you up at night.

Your Mind Won’t Shut Off

If you’re constantly going over your frustrations and worries, you can lose a lot of sleep. Rehashing things continuously from various angles can certainly keep you up.

Your Heart Races

Another common stress syndrome is a racing heart. This is a result of an increase in physical tension and, as you can imagine, it’s not good if you’re trying to fall asleep.

If you can identify all the reasons you’re lying in bed awake at night, you’ve made a good start.

Custom Roller Blinds/Zebra Blinds Can Help 

If you’re not getting the right rest, part of the problem can be the atmosphere you’re trying in. That’s where you should consider custom roller blinds and zebra blinds. Nifty Blinds uses the very best materials including blackout fabrics that block the light.

We have professional consultants on staff that can help you. They will walk you through your zebra blinds or roller blinds choices. These include excellent materials like suede, polyester and vinyl.

Dark Soothing Atmosphere

Creating a dark soothing atmosphere can help relieve your stress. If you’re having trouble getting a little sleep at night, you’re not alone. Ariana Huffington has even written a book about how lack of sleep can affect your life and decision-making.

Not getting enough sleep can be more serious than you imagine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in America estimates fatigue is behind 100,000 automobile crashes yearly.


Remember, The National Sleep Foundation reports that your body responds to light and dark. The light in your bedroom has an impact on the way you snooze. We can help you get a good night’s sleep and stay healthy with custom-made roller blinds and zebra blinds.