Nifty Blinds has a good selection of roller blinds and zebra blinds in Oakville that look great in your bedroom or anywhere in your home. Our clients are always asking us which type of blind is best for their bedrooms. There are several different factors you’ll need to consider. First off, you’ll want to decide how much light you want entering the room. However, there’s a few other boxes to check.

We’ve done some research on the subject and put together some tips for picking the best blinds for your bedroom and a good nights’ sleep.

Getting Started

Finding the right kind of blinds for your bedroom is a process. It’s important to consider a few different things like your rooms’ decor. You’ll need to take into consideration the style of windows the blinds will fit over. The location of your bedroom dictates how much sunlight you’ll let in or block too.

Here’s a few other things to take into account:

  • How many windows do you have in your bedroom? It’s important to decide whether you’re looking for window coverings for one large window or many smaller ones. You might even need to cover several different windows that have different shapes and sizes. It’s often the case here that you’ll need to choose different styles and alternate between roller blinds in Oakville and dual sheer shades.
  • Does the room receive sunlight directly ? There are certain blinds that do a better job at deflecting sunlight away than other ones. It’s a safe bet that you’ll need room darkening blinds if that room faces east. Zebra blinds in Oakville are one of the choices that block afternoon sunlight if your bedroom is west facing.

Roller Blinds in Oakville

We like to suggest clients take a second look at roller blinds in Oakville and solar shades. These are both very effective ways to regulate light, visibility and increase privacy. All are important factors when you’re considering a good nights’ sleep.

Make sure to look over the different materials that are available like vinyl and polyesters. It’s also necessary to take a look at the range of openness factors because this is how visibility is determined.

Light Blocked

One of the other things that you need to mull over is the colour and the amount of light that you want blocked.

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere as dark as possible, blackout blinds could be your best bet. These are generally standard roller blinds with a fabric that blocks all the light out.

Maybe you’re considering zebra blinds in Oakville and making a fashionable statement in your bedroom at the same time? If so, you should ponder tone on tone layering since this is one of the fashion trends for 2020. Here’s how that works in your bedroom.

Interesting Visual Effect

The idea is to add an interesting visual effect without overwhelming the senses. If you have too many colours in a bedroom you can be overloading people’s palates. Tone on tone layering is simply choosing one colour and then adding variations on it.

It adds an interesting effect to any of the roller blinds in Oakville choices you make if you’re adding custom draperies too.

There are several other factors that you need to consider when you’re looking at the best blinds for your bedroom. Once you’ve worked through the list we offered above, you should consider your personal preferences.

  • Think about the type of materials that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. That could mean you should be looking at blinds with light flowing textures that match your other décor. Oakville Zebra blinds can give your bedroom a luxurious elegant feel. These are the cost effective blind option with light filtering and room darkening capabilities that combine elegance and functionality. The ones we offer come with 3 inch semi opaque fabric (sheer) and 3 inch woven fabric vanes. This way you can adjust the light intensity to suit your mood.
  • You also need to decide if your bedroom is for sleeping only. Many people use this space for other functions like yoga or even as a remote office. Take a look at the custom dual sheer shade samples on our website. They’ll give you a good idea of how these might fit into what you envision for your bedroom. Keep in mind that these blinds are of the highest quality because that’s our number one priority.

We are the custom window blind company servicing clients across the GTA. Looking after your unique requirements when it comes to bedroom window blinds is one of our priorities. Nifty Blinds offers industry-leading customer support and the latest technology and designs. Everything we do is about helping you get the best roller blinds and zebra blinds in Oakville for your bedroom and a good nights’ sleep.