You might think where you mount your zebra blinds in Oakville isn’t all that important. However, choosing the right area has a large impact on how they function and look. If you’re looking for a clean appearance, we suggest mounting roller blinds in Oakville on the inside of your frame.
Inside mounts give you some space to work with . Here’s another advantage to mounting them this way. If you have a deep windowsill, you’ll be able to maintain the functionality with this method. Mounting blinds in this fashion has some other rewards.


The measuring process here is straightforward and simple. If you’re looking to mount your blinds on the inside of the frame, accuracy is very important. There are three steps for getting the right numbers.
1- Get the width of the window frame from three different places. Go across the bottom and the middle and then the top. The reason for this is not all windows are completely plumb. It’s a good idea to take the narrowest of the three different measurements you get.
2- The height comes next. You’ll get three measurements here. One for the right side one for the middle and one at the left side. You’ll want to take the longest measurement of the three to ensure your roller blinds in Oakville wind up fitting properly.
3- Finally, you want to take a measurement of the depth. This will tell you how deep the blinds can go.


One of the other big benefits to inside mounting is it fosters your creative side. Keep in mind that you don’t want your windowsill to remain bare or get cluttered. Read the following tips and you’ll be able to make it a focal point.
Pine tree branches are an idea to add a seasonal flare in front of your zebra blinds in Oakville. These look great when placed in a simple wicker basket.

A Work Surface

If the windowsill goes back far enough, you can even make it a work surface. People living in places with limited square footage can use the extra office space. It’s a great way to get your remote work done and stay connected to the outdoors.
Small potted plants are a favorite. If you’ve got windowsills available in several different rooms, you can move the plants around for variety.

Classy Look

Inside mounting blinds can also create a smooth classy look that adds to your windows. It’s a great way to draw interest to the area and it creates a smooth visual effect.

What You Need To Know About Outside Mounted Blinds

Our zebra blinds in Oakville look great when they are mounted on the outside of window frames as well. With deep windows, you get an advantage here of more light filtering.
  • That means you’ll also get more UV light protection. Ultraviolet light can cause your furniture to change colour and fade over time.
  • These light filtering window treatments that are outside mounted are also energy efficient. They reduce your need to turn on artificial lights inside and also provide insulation from the sun’s rays.
  • Mounting roller blinds in Oakville on the outside of the frames also increases the amount of privacy you’ll get. It’s important to get accurate measurements when you’re planning on mounting blinds this way. Here’s a few steps to make sure that you get precise results.
  • You need to get the measurements here that will cover the total area. That means getting accurate numbers for both the height and width of the window. It’s a good idea to add a little extra to make sure that you get maximum privacy. Remember that extending any blinds you choose past the window frame will make it look larger.
  • Keep in mind that you will need to make some allowances for the mounting brackets. Usually 2 inches above the frame or window works best.
Regardless of the way you choose to mount them, these blinds are attractive. They bring functionality and style together in a variety of different colour schemes. What’s more, zebra blinds in Oakville are flexible.
They can be used in your home because they have a contemporary look. However, they fit in just as well in a commercial setting because of their functionality.
Zebra blinds in Oakville are also more adaptable than some other kinds of window treatments. Fore example, standard curtains and shades are either closed or open. That means you can either have light coming into a room or none. These blinds can be adjusted so you get different levels of light and shade.
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