Zebra blinds and Vaughan roller blinds are excellent choices because they
allow for versatility. Regardless of the position you have them in, they
provide an elegant atmosphere. Simply by pulling the cord, you can
transition from a solid band to slats that allow light to enter the room.
Here are some of the big advantages of these Vaughan custom blinds.
They Can Filter Light Or Black It Out
These products control the amount of light that gets into any room. They
can also supply a darkened atmosphere when you need it. The products
come in a wide range of different opacities. Some customers choose to block
out the sun’s natural and UV rays. Others prefer some natural light to fill a
Here are some professional tips for choosing the right Vaughan zebra
-An opaque model is the right choice for people looking for complete
darkness and privacy.
-A sheer model is a good option if you’re looking for some natural light
and less privacy.
These blinds also provide an excellent method to insulate your
windows. In the summer, they can prevent sunlight from heating your
home. In the winter, they add an extra layer of protection from the
cold elements.
These window shades are the right choice for people looking to save on
energy costs. Following are some other reasons to choose these products
for your home or office.
How Vaughan Roller Blinds Are Multifunctional
These blinds can also be motorized or corded. Corded blinds cost less but
the cord loops can get stuck on occasion. When you buy these, you need to
open and close them by hand. Security becomes an important idea to
consider with corded blinds.
Discourage Thieves
​If you’re leaving your house, it’s important to remember to close the blinds
to discourage thieves. The cords can also be a safety issue if you have pets,
children, or seniors living with you.
Motorized blinds, on the other hand, have several advantages over the
corded variety.
-They eliminate the need to spend time adjusting the blinds every day
with the cord. They can be scheduled to open and close at certain
times or even based on the outside temperature using a smart device
and or remote and an app.
-This product increases the efficiency of your home because it controls
how much sunlight gets in while providing insulation at the same
-Motorized blinds are safe for pets and children. They are an excellent
addition to rooms where valuable members of the family play and
spent time.
There are many other bonuses to choosing this type of blind for any space in
your house. For example, direct sunlight can often damage the finish on
your window treatments, furniture, and flooring. Opening and closing
Vaughan zebra blinds at specific times during the day can protect your
valuables. This is even easier when the blinds are motorized with smart
It’s also important to understand these are an efficient choice that helps cut
down your energy spend.
How Blinds Are Energy Efficient
Blinds are an excellent choice when added to existing windows because
they improve energy efficiency while reducing natural lighting and glare.
They can also enhance the comfort and appearance of any room.
According to statistics, your home can lose up to 30% of its heating energy
through the windows. Sunlight falling on double pane windows in the
summertime passes through the glass to become heat. Your cooling costs
can increase this way. Here’s an excellent reason to choose blinds to lower
your bills and help to cover energy loss at the same time.
According to research, Vaughan custom blinds that are motorized can make a big difference in
energy costs. However, it was also discovered that 75% of these remain in the same position all
day every day.