Nifty Blinds is proud of the Zebra Blinds in Oakville we carry. Our custom window blinds are backed up by a full customer support team. What’s more, you get all of the latest technology and cutting-edge designs when you choose our products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for residential or commercial window coverings. We stay on top of the latest innovations in the field. Not only that, our experts keep up-to-date with the big décor trends to complement our selection of blinds and shades.

Metal Hardware and Accents

We noticed a major decorating theme this year centered around craftsmanship in home décor. Metal fixtures were big in bathroom faucets and drawer pulls. Many accessories were made of polished brass and brushed nickel or copper. According to the experts, the trick here is to stick with one colour theme. When designing one room, you should choose a single finish and throw in others here and there only as accents.
Don’t forget to sort through our selection of zebra blinds in Oakville. These are the perfect way to complement the hardware and accents in any room you choose. Made from premium quality fabrics, these window treatments will put the finishing touches to your other designs.
We educate our clients through every step of the process. This helps them to fully appreciate our inventory of handcrafted custom window blinds. Don’t forget to ask about the manufacturing and installation experience we have. When It Comes to Tile, Think Outside the Bathroom
Tile isn’t just for the bathroom anymore. This year, this durable material is appearing in the kitchen and rising in popularity in other rooms as well. The move towards tile is characterized by intricate mosaics on floors and colourful geometric patterns on walls. Black and white are
preferred colours and grid layouts are a popular way to pattern any tile design. Displaying your unique tile designs is made easier when you take advantage of our dual sheer shades. These are the perfect way to filter light and take advantage of the room darkening options these products offer.
Motorized options are the height of innovation and smart technology. At Nifty Blinds, we’re proud to offer our clients full technical support. When you’re mixing and matching design trends and zebra blinds in Oakville, there are some details to take into consideration. These include:
The need for privacy. We approach each and every job we work on as a unique project and we care about the details. The dual sheer shades we offer are designed and built for easy compatibility to your interior designs and privacy. The light filtering fabric we use comes from a variety of North American and European sources.
The need for aesthetics. Because our zebra blinds in Oakville are custom designed, they blend seamlessly with the décor and theme of any room. These factors apply even when you’re putting together an interior design involving different textures and colours.

Different/Contrasting Colours

It will come as no surprise that another predominant design direction for 2020 has to do with colour. Dark colours specifically are in demand. One of the most popular SKUs for this year is actually very common. Classic blue is the preferred choice for painting walls and ceilings.
Other colours like dark brown, black and deep green are being used to add warmth to almost any room. For window treatments and blinds, dark window trim is one of the bigger trends making a splash this year. If you really want to make your windows stand out, professional designers offer this suggestion. Try implementing a dark trim and offset classic white blinds for contrast.
Accenting walls has been a popular home décor trend for years and 2020 is no different. If you’re looking to make an all-white room feel cozier, a black accent wall does the job. When you’re looking for blinds that are customized and made-to-order, you should consider us. We look after all of the details when it comes to your custom window blinds. This attention to detail is what separates us from the competition.
Nifty Blinds stays on top of the latest styles and designs in the industry. This allows us to bring you the most affordable and sophisticated products on the market. Keep an Open Mind When About Wallpaper We saved this decorator trend for last because we thought it would raise a few eyebrows. However, wallpaper made a big comeback in 2020. It’s important to keep an open mind here. Even though the installation and removal can be more work than paint, the customized look is well worth the effort.
Don’t forget to consider our products no matter which design trends you decide to follow. Our zebra blinds in Oakville are famous for combining function with fashion.